2019 Update!!

Hello! Welcome to Couch Surfer Crochet!

I’ve been on a bit of a hiatus from the blog. My apologies for that!

I was sincerely hoping to have another Crochet Along ready this month, but life has definitely gotten in the way. A few months ago I started feeling pain in my right hand and wrist. At first I assumed it was basic strain, from crocheting so much! Now, that is likely part of the issue, but it also just regular old issues I’m having.

I found out that I have Carpal Tunnel as well as early onset arthritis. As a result of these two problems compounding on each other I’m having to work much slower, and some days I can’t work at all.

Like most of you, I also have a day job. Something has to pay for all that yarn!! Since I HAVE to work to live, I have to prioritize my guaranteed income over my supplemental income (crochet blog and sales). I’ve been advised to start a physical therapy program for my hand and wrist, and if that doesn’t lead to any improvement I might require surgery. Let’s hope it doesn’t come to that!!!

I’ve even tried to teach myself how to crochet left handed, and let me tell you…that is just NOT something I can’t wrap my head around! HAHA. I admire all of you that can work with both hands. I am clearly right hand dominant.

BUT DON’T WORRY! I was a busy little crocheter all summer (as I said, very likely contributing to this trouble I’m having), so I will still be bringing you awesome content through the end of the year. I AM working on a Crochet Along to have ready at the beginning of 2020, but I’m being realistic on how quickly I can finish all the work without my hand falling completely off!

So…through the end of the year this is my idea:

On the FIRST Monday of each month I will be sharing one of my personal patterns. On the THIRD Monday of the each month I will be sharing a pattern from a different designer that I love! Even though I write my own patterns, I also LOVE to try out patterns I find online. There are SO MANY talented crochet designers out there, and it’s my pleasure to share their work with you as well. That was half the fun of the Block A Week 2019 CAL!

Here are a few of the projects I will be sharing through the end of the year:

I appreciate all of you for everything over these last couple of years! Just bear with me over these next few months as I try to heal!

All of these patterns will be a lot of fun to make! I hope you will enjoy them and that we can all start 2020 healthy, wealthy, and wise (and with new fun projects we’ve made)!

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