Black Friday Sales 2017

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Hello! I hope you all are excited about the upcoming holidays! I know I am!

If you all are avid crocheters like me, you see the Black Friday/Cyber Monday sales as the perfect time to add to your stash!! There are so many awesome yarn sales out there this time of year. I just wanted to do a quick post to share some of those deals with you all!. As far as I can tell all of these deals are valid in store OR online, so you can shop in comfort at home if you want to avoid all those crowds!

Hopefully you will find a few deals here that you will love!


Michaels will be running special hours Thursday, Friday, and Saturday if you want to shop in store.

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May the Fourth Be With You!

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Happy Star Wars Day!

My weather app just told me that in 30 years, it has rained 26 times on this day where I live! But on May 4, 2014 the weather was sunny and perfect. That was the day I got married! The calendar says we have only been married for 3 years, but it feels like we have known each other all of our lives! My husband really is my best friend, my favorite person to do everything (and nothing) with, and he always supports me even when I think I’m losing my mind!

We got married on Star Wars day for a few reasons. One, we are big dorks and it seemed like a fun idea! Two, it is easy to remember our anniversary that way! A third bonus reason we’ve discovered is that it makes it easy to find at least one gift for the big day every year, because we always get something with a Star Wars theme, even if it is something small.

This year, I actually requested something specific. Star Wars crochet!

Making crochet dolls or characters is known as amigurumi. I have never tried it before, so I think it will be a fun challenge! And when I’m done I will have a couple of cute Star Wars dolls to keep and remember this special day! I will update as soon as I can with the finished dolls!
Have you ever made any crochet amigurumi patterns? Share with me on Instagram or join my Facebook group to share with an awesome group of like minded fiber artists!

I’d also love to see ANY Star Wars themed projects you have done! My friends are also big Star Wars fans, and I’d love some inspiration for things I could make for them! For now, I’m off to spend the day with my hubby!

May the Fourth Be With You!

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Yarn Scraps – What Are They Good For?

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Yarn Scraps – What Are They Good For?

Hello friends! I hope you are all having fun with the Mixed Stitch Blanket Crochet Along! Some of you have shared your work so far, and I am so inspired by your creativity!

Today I want to talk about yarn scraps! I know you all have some lying around that you don’t know what to do with! I’m going to show you a couple of ways that I use my yarn scraps. My mama raised me not to waste anything, and I take that very seriously when it comes to yarn! I think it’s a fun challenge to find ways to use this “useless” yarn. I also like looking over 2 or 3 different projects knowing they have a piece of the same skein.

My go to solution for leftover yarn is always to make granny squares!! Check out my step by step tutorial on how to make these. The tutorial is a part of the Hip to be Square Crochet Along! With my scrap yarn I make each square doing two rounds of the pattern. That way I have a box full of squares that are all the same size to make something with at a later time!

One way to use these granny squares is to make an infinity scarf. They are so versatile! To make this scarf, I used Red Heart yarn in Aran as the “base” color. I did one extra round for each granny square with that color. I then used THIS method to join the squares together.

Finish off by sewing the two ends together, then do 1 row of *sc, ch1* around the edges to give it a finished look. I think it is truly a one of a kind piece, and I love it because I can see the other things I made in the colors!

Get your own Granny Square Infinity Scarf from my Facebook shop here!


If a scarf isn’t your jam, how about a colorful granny square blanket. I am so inspired by this post over at Attic24.

I love the random placement of the colors!

I add to my own stash of granny squares with each different color that I use! One day I will have enough to make a full size blanket! I can’t wait to see all the colors I have. THEN I will know what type of pattern I want to create! I could see something stunning in a rainbow pattern, or perhaps a stained glass motif? Or maybe I could try some type of graphghan with my collection of granny squares!

I’d love to hear how you all use up your yarn scraps! I’m always looking for new ways to be thrifty and crafty at the same time.

Don’t forget to check back on April 24th for Week 2 of the Crochet Along! Week 1 can be found HERE.

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