Corner to Corner (c2c) Pillow Cover Pattern

Hello again friends! I hope you are having fun doing the Mixed Stitch Blanket Crochet Along! The next section (Week 4) will be available Monday, May 22nd!

Today I want to share with you a very versatile crochet stitch: Corner to Corner (or c2c) crochet! This stitch can be used to make any size square or rectangle, so the possibilities are endless. I started small with a pillow cover, but you can grow a Corner to Corner blanket into a big square or rectangle very quickly.

The best tutorial I have found is HERE on Craftsy. It has written instruction and pictures to match so it makes learning the stitch very simple and easy.

I used THIS 16″ pillow insert as my size base, and I worked the Corner to Corner pattern until it was approximately 17″ square. This allowed me to then wrap my two squares around the pillow form and single crochet the two squares together. I found this to be a little challenging because I was crocheting with a fluffy pillow in the middle, so you might choose to finish 3 sides, insert the pillow form, then finish up from there! I didn’t think of that until I was already finished with mine!

I completed it by doing 2 more rows of single crochet to create the pillow border.

I used some scrap yarn I had in my stash and a 5.75mm (J) hook. Each side has a different stripe pattern, but I used the same colors on both sides. This way I can switch it up a bit if I want to feature a different color or move it to a new place in the house to match the decor there! You can make these in solid colors, with repeating stripes, or with a totally random color choice all your own!

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