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Crochet Pattern Feature – American Flag Blanket


Welcome to Couch Surfer Crochet! Today I will be featuring a beautiful American Flag blanket pattern!

A couple of years ago my friend’s son (aka my Nephew 🙂 ) joined the Navy. He has known since he was a little squirt that he wanted to join the Navy just like his grandfather. I also have a family history with military service. My father retired from the Air Force, my brother was in the Army, and my husband was a Navy man, as well.

Anyway, I knew I wanted to make Nephew the “perfect” gift for his graduation from boot camp. His mom suggested an American Flag blanket, but every pattern I found involved sewing the stars on to a blank blue background. Also, keeping it clean was something I feared would be problematic.

Knowing that this blanket would likely be traveling the world, I wanted something that felt sturdier, that could hold up for years and years as he grows in his Navy experience.

Then I found this pattern! You make star “hexagons” and sew those together for the star field, which makes for a much sturdier section. And the stripes are simple granny stripes, so it’s not nearly as complicated as it looks! I love the look of this crocheted blanket however I also considered making a tee shirt quilt for my nephew too. It took me a while to decide which one to make but in the end, I went with the crotchet one. Crocheting is my hobby so of course, I had to make this blanket!

You can find the pattern here! There are detailed instructions for sewing your pieces together to make the perfect flag at the end! I am so pleased with the way this turned out! And nothing was better than getting that text message from Nephew telling me how much he loved it! Turns out his barracks were freezing cold every night, so the blanket was much welcomed!

I made my blanket big enough to cover a twin sized bed. I used Red Heart Soft Navy, Red Heart White, and Red Heart Cherry Red yarns to make it as true to the red, white, and blue as possible! I used a 5.75 mm hook so the stitching wouldn’t be super tight.

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