Happy New Year!

Happy New Year from Couch Surfer Crochet! I hope you have all had a wonderful holiday season and are ready to tackle 2019 head on!

First I want to apologize for being absent from the blog for so long. After we finished the Stash Buster Granny CAL I had so many orders and personal gifts to complete that there was no extra time for new projects! Now that everything has been gifted I can finally share a few photos of all the things I was working on. Lots of scarves, hats, and a few baby blankets! I was a busy little bee this holiday season.

You can find those patterns here:
Beautiful Boxes Scarf
Changing Chevrons Crochet Along
Three Color Baby Blanket
Slouchy Hat
Blossom Stitch Wash Cloths

I just wanted to do a quick post to let you all know that I’ve got some awesome things planned for 2019! I’m working on the patterns for 2 new CALs that I will release later this year once they are completed and tested! So make sure to stay alert for those!

I’m also planning a year long project with granny squares. I plan to do ONE square each week and at the end of the year make all of those into a unique and interesting blanket! Each square will be 12″. Some of the squares will be my own design, and some I have found online! Since the squares are large, I will be making all the squares into 2 (two) blankets, each one 5×5 square, using 25 squares per blanket.

I thought about doing the “365 Days of Granny Squares” challenge, but I know I would get distracted somewhere along the way and get frustrated, so I’m simplifying that to ONE a week and only picking my favorite squares! Since the New Year starts in the middle of the week, I will be posting my weekly granny squares on Fridays.

The Block-A-Week 2019 Project is NOW UNDERWAY! 

You can find ALL of the weeks of that project here:

Block-A-Week 2019 – Squares
(all of the weeks are posted there)

I also want all of you to welcome Walnut the Pit to the team! We adopted him from a local shelter. We welcomed him into the family in November and he has already started “claiming” everything I work on! You’ll be seeing a lot more of Walnut in the months to come. He is definitely a curious boy who wants to be involved in whatever his Momma is working on! We did create an Instagram page for him because I CANNOT stop taking pictures of him! You can follow him at WalnutPit!

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Looking for a fun pattern to start the New Year?! Check out the Mixed Stitch Blanket CAL. It’s made in rows with lots of colorful stripes!
Happy crocheting!

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