Mixed Stitch Blanket CAL

By March 27, 2017Crochet Along
Mixed Stitch Blanket Crochet Along


Hello friends! What have you been working on lately? A few nights ago, my hubby and I were watching an old rerun of The Big Bang Theory when I spied an awesome crochet blanket on Amy Farrah Fowler’s couch! I was immediately inspired to start work on a new project. Since I’m currently participating in the Crochet A Block CAL from Creative Crochet Workshop, I didn’t want to make another granny square blanket right away.

Peacock inspired color combination! That lime green really pops in person!


Feeling energized to start something new, I became obsessed with looking at photos of mixed stitch crochet! The first project I ever completed for myself was a mixed stitch blanket (so I could learn lots of new stitches at one time).

My first ever finished piece from a few years ago!


I decided I’d like to create one of my own, and share the different steps and stitches with you as a Crochet Along (CAL) project!!

This Crochet Along will start on Monday, April 10th. Every two weeks (every other Monday), I will post 10 rows of the pattern, including all stitches and variations required.

For this project I chose to use 6 colors, chosen at random throughout the piece.

I used Red Heart Yarn in Soft Navy, Claret, Gray Heather and Buff, as well as Impeccable Yarns in Lavender and Deep Forest.

I chose to use 6 colors for this blanket, but I want you to use as many (or as few) as you would prefer! You could even do this all in a solid color for a beautifully textured finished piece. I would love to see your progress and finished pieces. Half the joy of creating is sharing it! You can share your work here in the comments, on my Facebook page, or you can join the Couch Surfer Crocheters FB Group!

If you are on Instagram and want to share there, please tag me @couchsurfercrochet.

This blanket will consist of six different stitch types. Written instructions for each stitch can be found HERE. If you need help mastering these stitches, check out the tutorials at The Crochet Crowd and Annie’s Catalog! They both have very thorough videos that can help you master even the most intricate patterns!


BORDER and continuing on…

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If you’re looking for projects that work up more quickly, check out the Cotton Washcloths, the Criss Cross Hat, or the Simple Lacy Scarf!

Update: Now that this Crochet Along is complete, the FULL pattern is available AD FREE through Ravelry.


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