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2019 Block-A-Week : Week 3

Hello! Welcome to Couch Surfer Crochet! We are now on Week 3 of the 2019 Block-A-Week Project! You can find the first two weeks here:

Block-A-Week 2019 – Squares
(all of the weeks are posted there)

For Week 3 we are doing a beautiful square called More V’s Please by MoCrochet! It looks like this when finished:

Whenever I use another designer’s square I will ALWAYS follow copyright rules and intellectual property requirements. Since this square was originally part of the Block A Week CAL in 2014, it is copyrighted to it’s original designer! I am using this project in part to try new things and introduce you all to new designers! I want to make sure everyone is properly credited and attributed for any work they have done!

I will share my step by step photos for this pattern, but I am not able to share each step of the pattern. Please click the link to see the pattern! You can also download the pattern on Ravelry for easy access! You can also see lots of color combinations on the Ravelry page by other members that have created this square. The original design was done all in one color and it stunning. I personally like to make my squares super colorful, but part of the fun of a project like this is making each square however you want to!

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