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Changing Chevrons CAL – Week 7

This is Week 7 of the Changing Chevrons Crochet Along! Thank you for joining me on this project! Creating this pattern was really fun, and I love seeing all of your versions!

We’ve worked our way up to Row 77. This week we will be doing Rows 78 – 90! We’ve got ONE more week to go! I can’t believe it. If you’ve enjoyed this project, please share with all of your crafty friends! I’ve had a few people ask about making their blanket longer at the end. In the final pattern post I will share the sections that “I” think you should repeat to make this blanket longer. Of course as always, it’s totally up to you! If there was a particular section you really enjoyed, do that one! Anyway…on to this week’s pattern!

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Changing Chevrons CAL – Week 6

Welcome to Week 6 of the Changing Chevrons Crochet Along! If you’ve just now come across this project, please check out the INTRO post. It will give you all the details you need and has links to the earlier weeks! At this point we are two-thirds of the way through this project! I hope you … Read more

Changing Chevrons CAL – Week 5

Hello! Welcome back to Couch Surfer Crochet! We are now on Week 5 of the Changing Chevrons Crochet Along! I hope you all are enjoying this project as much as I am!

Before we get into the pattern today, I want to take a minute to say a sincere thank you to the members of the Couch Surfer Crocheters Facebook Group. Making a Chevron pattern has been much more challenging than anything I’ve done so far, and you have all been amazing during this process. I have posted a few mistakes in the pattern the last couple of weeks, and you all have been so nice and helpful while I get everything sorted! Thank you from the bottom of my heart. This little website is my passion project, and I am so happy to share with all of you. Thank you for patience as we all figure this out together!

NOW, on to the fun stuff!

This week’s section is from the pink rows at the bottom to the pink rows at the top!

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