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Changing Chevrons CAL Week 1

Changing Chevrons CAL Week 1

Welcome to Week 1 of the Changing Chevrons Crochet Along! If you missed the intro post, let me catch you up on how all this will work! Every two weeks (every other Monday), I will post 10 – 15 rows of the pattern, including all stitches and variations required. I’m posting every two weeks to give you plenty of time to learn the new stitches and complete all of the rows for that section.

Week 1: March 26
Week 2: April 9
Week 3: April 23
Week 4: May 7
Week 5: May 21
Week 6: June 4
Week 7: June 18
Week 8: July 2

This blanket pattern uses different stitches done in chevron style. This gives the finished piece a unique look and wonderful texture. Since there will be multiple stitches used throughout, I have also created a Special Stitches Page which has the basic instructions for each chevron stitch variation.

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