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Color Inspiration for Fall

Hi Crocheters!

Fall is literally right around the corner! I wanted to make a quick post today to share with you some of my favorite “fall color” combos! Sometimes I have a hard time deciding which colors to use together for my next project, and I find that images like this can really help me.

For each photo I have listed the closest yarn colors I could find. I live in a pretty small town, so my only craft store option is Michaels! For that reason, I’ve stuck to Red Heart and Loops & Threads Impeccable yarn colors. Of course any brand of yarn will work for you, just find the colors that match up as close to these combinations as possible.

Yarn Colors
(from left to right)


My mother-in-law recently got married, and she had a very similar bouquet to this one. Don’t you love those “pops” of bright colors!?!

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Color Inspiration – Summer Color Combos

Hello! I hope you all are having a great summer so far! I have been spending some time relaxing with my family, and recently hubby and I put together a craft table for my “crochet room” in the house! I’m also brainstorming some yarn storage ideas currently, and if I come up with anything useful I will be sure to share it with all of you!

Memorial Day usually marks the “beginning” of summer around here. All the pools open, the lakes start getting crowded, and people generally get into the hot weather mood. Where I live it feels like it rained for entire month!

I was tired of the gray skies, so I wanted to look around for a few “summery” images to find some new color combinations. I’m always looking for new ways to group colors together (you never know what awesome combo you will end up loving)!

Here I’ve included a few photos, as well as the recommended yarn colors to match. Hopefully these will help you if you need a little bit of inspiration!

All the photos I found seemed to be kind of romantic, so I’m calling this the “Summer Love” series!

Yarn Colors
(from left to right)

Medium Purple
Soft Sage
Aruba Sea

Isn’t this floral centerpiece absolutely gorgeous! I bet that was a beautiful party!

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