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Hello! I hope you all are having a great summer so far! I have been spending some time relaxing with my family, and recently hubby and I put together a craft table for my “crochet room” in the house! I’m also brainstorming some yarn storage ideas currently, and if I come up with anything useful I will be sure to share it with all of you!

Memorial Day usually marks the “beginning” of summer around here. All the pools open, the lakes start getting crowded, and people generally get into the hot weather mood. Where I live it feels like it rained for entire month!

I was tired of the gray skies, so I wanted to look around for a few “summery” images to find some new color combinations. I’m always looking for new ways to group colors together (you never know what awesome combo you will end up loving)!

Here I’ve included a few photos, as well as the recommended yarn colors to match. Hopefully these will help you if you need a little bit of inspiration!

All the photos I found seemed to be kind of romantic, so I’m calling this the “Summer Love” series!

Yarn Colors
(from left to right)

Medium Purple
Soft Sage
Aruba Sea

Isn’t this floral centerpiece absolutely gorgeous! I bet that was a beautiful party!

Yarn Colors
(from left to


Arbor Rose

I want to know where in the world this floral heart shaped arch is!! If any of you know, please let me know here in the comments or on Facebook! In the words of Liz Lemon; “I want to go to there.”

Yarn Colors
(from left to right)

Arbor Rose
Soft Taupe

At first you might be thinking these look like fall colors. They might seem a little dark for summer, but the photo above was definitely taken on a beach. Who’s to say you can’t use a deeper color palette in the warmer months? Can’t you picture these colors on a gorgeous open weave shawl like this one? Or maybe one of these cute bohemian duster jackets. I’m currently working on this one myself, using Caron Cakes in Cherry Chip.

I found this last photo right as I was finishing up this post! It doesn’t quite fit the “love” them I was going for but it was too cute not to share! I really love those beachy colors! And if you’re like me, I LOVE the beach, so there…that’s how it ties in to the “summer love” theme!

Yarn Colors
(from left to right)

Soft Rose
Brite Sky Blue
Soft Sage

I would love to see the things you create with these color palettes! I hope you’ve found one that you love! You can post your work here in the comments, on my Facebook page, or you can join the Couch Surfer Crocheters FB Group.

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And for even MORE color inspiration, check out my dedicated Pinterest board. I’m constantly adding to this board throughout the year as I find color combinations that I love!

Please, please, please feel free to share your work with me! I would love to see your progress and finished pieces. Half the joy of creating is sharing it! You can post your work here in the comments, on my Facebook page, or you can join the Couch Surfer Crocheters FB Group!

If you are on Instagram and want to share there, please tag me @couchsurfercrochet. I’m on Pinterest and Twitter as @couchsurferarts!

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